The Ministry of Ecological Transition (MiTE) has promoted the “National Biodiversity Network” project which carries out a strong joint action in support of the National Biodiversity Strategy. The crux of the System is the National Biodiversity Network (NNB), a network of internationally and nationally accredited entities for the management of biodiversity data, which share data and information on biodiversity.

The NNB is a shared data management system consisting of a central node, which allows you to perform search and management operations on the data, and peripheral nodes (databases that have primary biodiversity data) aimed at guaranteeing consultation and '' efficient integration of information on biodiversity, all without the physical transfer of the data, which always reside with the cooperating entities that hold the legal rights.

The databases owned by the individual nodes differ in structure (different fields) and architecture (different DBs, type Access, Oracle, Mysql, etc.), but they are able to communicate through the BioCASe Protocol.


The latter guarantees, through a set of rules, an intrinsic communication between the nodes themselves and the international community that participates in the BioCASe network.

The Network is able to ensure interoperability with similar international infrastructures (LifeWatch, GBIF, etc.) and with the National GeoPortal, in accordance with the provisions of the INSPIRE Directive (Legislative Decree 32/2010).

The NNB, through the aggregation of the current state of knowledge on biodiversity in Italy, therefore sets itself the objectives of improving the dissemination and sharing of biodiversity data, making them available for pure research, for applied research, for education and for training, and to represent a strategic national tool for informed political decisions, which guarantee a sustainable use of the natural resources of our country.